Land Assets Opportunities for Lease Partners, in Romania


Berbesti (City), Valcea County, Romania

1. **Center (2,800 sq. m)**: This land asset spans an area of 2,800 square meters and is designated for a data center. Data centers are crucial in the modern world, serving as hubs for data storage and processing, which can support various technology and communication needs. It’s an investment in the digital infrastructure of the city.

2. **Nemesis (1,327 sq. m)**: This 1,327 square meter area is allocated for a commercial center. Commercial centers are significant in enhancing the local economy by providing retail space for businesses, creating jobs, and stimulating economic growth.

3. **Stanica (4,400 sq. m)**: Covering 4,400 square meters, this land is designated for another commercial center. Multiple commercial centers within the city can diversify shopping and business options, attracting visitors and contributing to the local economy.

4. **Blocks (3,880 sq. m)**: This land spanning 3,880 square meters is intended for a fish production facility. Such facilities play a vital role in the local food supply chain by contributing to the production of seafood, which can enhance food security and provide employment opportunities.

5. **Dant-Road (7,500 sq. m)**: This 7,500 square meter area is reserved for a bakery production facility. Bakeries are essential for providing fresh and baked goods to the community, creating jobs, and supporting the food industry.

6. **Road-Pomicultura (20,000 sq. m)**: This extensive 20,000 square meter land is designated for a solar power plant. Solar power plants generate renewable energy, contributing to environmental sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint.

7. **Forest (100,000 sq. m)**: This vast 100,000 square meter area is designated for glamping and communities. Glamping, a blend of “glamorous” and “camping,” provides a unique and comfortable outdoor experience. Communities can foster a sense of belonging and collaboration among residents.


Polovragi (Touristic Resort), Gorj County, Romania

1. **Center (10,221 sq. m)**: Covering 10,221 square meters, this land is intended for a hotel, spa, and therapy center. Such establishments are pivotal in attracting tourists, offering relaxation and therapeutic services, and boosting the local tourism industry.

2. **Church (4,272 sq. m)**: This 4,272 square meter area is allocated for a fruit processing facility. Fruit processing facilities are integral in preserving fruits, producing fruit-based products, and supporting local agriculture.

3. **Brotherhood (10,000 sq. m)**: Spanning 10,000 square meters, this land is intended for a solar power plant. Solar power plants promote clean and sustainable energy sources.

4. **Gruiului Head (2,741 sq. m)**: Covering 2,741 square meters, this land is designated for a mineral water packaging facility. Mineral water facilities can tap into natural resources, creating products for local consumption and export.

5. **Glemeia Giodan (5,000 sq. m)**: This 5,000 square meter area is intended for a gun range and defense training. Such facilities can serve both recreational and security purposes.

6. **Cernei Hill (10,000 sq. m)**: Spanning 10,000 square meters, this land is designated for luxury guest houses. Guest houses can enhance the lodging options for tourists, increasing the attractiveness of the resort.

7. **Airfield Land (120,000 sq. m)**: This extensive 120,000 square meter land is allocated for an airfield and training facility. Airfields support aviation, training, and can potentially drive tourism by facilitating access to the resort.

In total, these land assets represent significant opportunities for economic development, tourism, energy production, and community-building in the respective regions. They have the potential to create jobs, stimulate local economies, and improve the overall quality of life for residents.

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