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For generations, humans dream about the interaction with computer through brain activities. It was a fantasy thing that the scientists and others dream about through science fiction movies and imagination.

This dream comes true and currently we are able through advanced electronic devices to capture the brain signals and control the real world devices.

Certainly, still there are some of the constraints and challenges but we believe that in the few coming years, there will be too much to do with brain signals and effective solutions for many of its current research problems.
Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a complete system including the software and hardware that manipulate human signals to control Computers and different communication devices.

Produce and market products based on hardware and software solutions for monitoring and/or improving intellectual performance. It will produce, market and rent non-invasive systems for training attention and mental concentration.

The attention and mental focus training system will be based on its own EEG signal (electroencephalographic signal) and is composed of physical (hardware) and software elements. In its concept, the mental focus system uses hardware- software interfacing technologies through the processor of a hardware mini-computer.

The training system is a real human-machine interface, taking the EEG signal from the human user, processing it, transposing it by specific methods and leading it to a graphical interface (a matrix display with LEDs) or to an audible beacon (speaker) based on commands. The system includes:

– non-invasive headset for EEG signal acquisition;

– hardware-software assembly consisting of: computer/laptop for raw EEG data acquisition; internal algorithm on the computer/laptop for raw signal decomposition into specific EEG waves;

– hardware processor for interfacing – mini-computer; software method of processing and transmitting commands to the matrix;


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