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1. **Aircraft Landing Fees:** Charging fees to aircraft operators for landing and using the airfield facilities. The fees can vary based on the size of the aircraft and the duration of the stay.

2. **Hangar Rentals:** Renting out hangar space to individual aircraft owners or businesses for storage and maintenance of their planes. Hangar rental rates can be based on the size of the hangar and the services provided.

3. **Fuel Sales:** Selling aviation fuel, such as aviation gasoline (avgas) and jet fuel (Jet-A), to aircraft using the airfield. This can be a significant source of income, especially for airfields with high aircraft traffic.

4. **Flight School and Training:** Offering flight training services to aspiring pilots, including private pilot, commercial pilot, and other advanced certifications. This may include rental fees for the aircraft used during training.

5. **Aircraft Maintenance and Repairs:** Providing maintenance and repair services to aircraft owners and operators. This can include routine inspections, repairs, and overhauls.

6. **Aircraft Rental:** Renting out aircraft to certified pilots or flight schools for training, recreational flying, or other purposes.

7. **Aircraft Sales and Brokerage:** Acting as a broker for aircraft sales, earning a commission on each successful transaction.

8. **Airfield Events and Airshows:** Organizing airshows, aviation events, and other public gatherings at the airfield. Income can come from ticket sales, concessions, and sponsorships.

9. **Aerial Advertising:** Offering aerial advertising services to businesses by towing banners or flying banners over designated areas.

10. **Airport Services:** Providing various services to pilots and passengers, such as ground handling, tie-downs, de-icing, and catering.

11. **FBO Services:** If the airfield has a Fixed-Base Operator (FBO), it can offer services like passenger lounges, rental cars, concierge services, and aircraft charters.

12. **Aircraft Parking Fees:** Charging fees for parking aircraft at the airfield for short or long-term stays.

13. **Aircraft Parts and Supplies:** Selling aviation-related products like aircraft parts, avionics, pilot supplies, and merchandise.

14. **Emergency Services:** Some airfields may offer emergency services like medical evacuations, search and rescue, and firefighting, earning revenue from contracts or government agreements.

15. **Real Estate and Leasing:** If the airfield owns surrounding land, they might lease it for various purposes like hangar development, commercial space, or industrial use.


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