Total Minerals Investments – Beryllium and Quartz mining compound

Executive Summary

 “TMI” is a federally registered company who has significant mining sector interests in South America.

TMI currently owns one Beryllium mining property and has options to acquire additional valuable properties in the near future (target of Q4 2021). The physical asset has significant industrial mineral deposits, as specified in a detailed report with a net present value of approximately $6Bn.

TMI is conducting a securitization of, initially, the Beryllium mine and its deposits, followed by the additional mines and deposits added from early 2021. This securitization is due to commence by early September and will raise significant funds towards the addition and economic exploitation of the mining assets.


The  mine was operated for several decades between 1957 and 1995 for the extraction of Beryllium, meaning that there is an existing, if outdated and relatively primitive, infrastructure with access and existing workings. For this reason, the expected cost of re-opening the mine is lower than would be expected for opening a completely new mine. In addition, the plan is to also acquire the surrounding mines in the area, meaning that infrastructure costs such as access roads and other facilities can be shared across several mines. 

We believe we can obtain a mine permit within 12-18 months and prepare for production within 24 months.

Minerals, Markets and Recovery Quantities

The global market size, current prices, potential market share and market growth rates have all been used in conjunction with proven1,2 reserves levels across a Life of Mine of 25 years to determine a Net Present Value for each mineral and, overall, for the mine (see over). Over the 25 years, all minerals would be produced up to year 16, with Niobium and Feldspar production ending in year 17, Mica and Quartz production ending in year 22, with Beryllium and Tantalum continuing to the end of Life of the Mine, leaving residual Beryllium (15,195 tonnes) and Tantalum (34,316 tonnes).

Additional Mining Assets

TMI has first right of refusal to acquire the six other mines in the area. These mines contain a similar spread of minerals. Exploiting these additional mines would be a second phase, delayed until after production. Assessed on a similar basis discounted cash flow basis as used with the Beryllium mine.

In addition, TMI has been offered first option on mines in other areas with different deposits, including gold, silver, and lithium. As new mining assets are added, the value of the securitization will increase, as will, therefore, each security.


The management of TMI includes:

An experienced executive with international experience spanning 40 years, most notably in the marketing sector.

An experienced executive with worldwide banking and finance experience at a top level, with a successful career of nearly 40 years.

An executive with 35 years’ operating experience covering multiple sectors internationally, including mining, manufacturing, and finance.

An executive with 15 years’ experience in international technology projects, with specific and vital experience of capital raising and investments in multiple STOs and ICOs.

Securitization and Bridge Offering

The first stage of the securitization (fractional ownership) is valued at $250 Million. There will be several other stages, initially private placements providing further fractional ownership, as assets are added and then the securities will be offered publicly.

The bridge will fund the completion of the digital platform through which the securitization is conducted, allowing the completion of marketing, cybersecurity and investor dashboard modules and the conduct of the final beta test.


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