Bitcoin advantages and counterarguments to most viral questions and risks

1. Bitcoin is limited in quantity

It’s true that Bitcoin has a fixed limit of 21 million coins, making it resistant to inflation. However, the limited quantity alone doesn’t necessarily make BTC superior to fiat money.


  • Controlled inflation: In some fiat monetary systems, controlled inflation can be beneficial, stimulating spending and investment.
  • Flexibility: Fiat money offers the necessary flexibility to adjust monetary policy according to current economic conditions, which isn’t possible with BTC.

2. Initial and subsequent distribution of Bitcoin is problematic

You mentioned that the initial and ongoing distribution of BTC is centralized and polarizing.


  • Decentralized mining: Although there is a concentration of BTC, the mining process is decentralized, and theoretically, anyone can participate.
  • Market evolution: Over time, BTC distribution could balance out as more people become aware of cryptocurrencies and invest in them.

3. Concentration of BTC in the hands of a few users

You observed that approximately 1 million users hold over 90% of BTC and that this isn’t beneficial.


  • Distribution over time: Many assets, including stocks and other valuable goods, have an initial unequal distribution. Over time, the market tends to self-regulate.
  • HODL and long-term investment: Many of those holding large amounts of BTC are long-term investors who believe in the long-term value of the currency.

4. Loss of BTC and its effects on the market

The fact that over 15% of BTC is considered “lost” is a valid point. However, let’s look at the other side of the coin.


  • Reduced available supply: Lost BTC means an even more limited supply, which could increase the value of the remaining coins.
  • Security and education: As technology and financial education advance, users will become more aware of safety measures, reducing the risk of losing coins.

5. Purchase of BTC with fiat money

It’s true that BTC can be purchased with fiat money, but this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage.


  • Transaction bridge: Using fiat money to purchase BTC serves as a bridge between the traditional economy and the digital economy.
  • Diversification: The ability to buy BTC with fiat allows investors to diversify their portfolios, providing protection against fiat inflation.

6. BTC’s capacity to address modern societal issues

BTC doesn’t address all the problems of modern monetary architecture, but it does tackle some essential aspects.


  • Inflation protection: BTC offers a solution against inflation due to its limited supply.
  • Decentralized system: BTC promotes a decentralized financial system, reducing dependence on central financial institutions.
  • Transparency and security: The BTC blockchain provides transparency and security, two essential qualities in a modern financial system.


Bitcoin has both advantages and disadvantages. Your arguments are valid and well-founded, but there are also counterarguments showing that BTC can play an important role in the global economy. It’s crucial to evaluate both sides and understand that BTC, like any new technology, has the potential for evolution and improvement.

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