LEW HUB – Startup Hub & Research Center​

the Hub

Premium location in Bucharest, Romania, with State-of-the-Art Online & Physical  infrastructure for accelerating Start-Ups to achieve Global impact !

Web & Mobile

Turnkey, All-in-one Platforms Ecosystem for Start-ups of Any Size !

From baseline CRM, ERP, Project management & Recruiting talent, to Internationalisation & Fundraising.

Office Space &
Meeting Rooms

Premium infrastructure for short-term & medium-term team setups. User-friendly online scheduling.

Multiple fiber optics Gigabyte internet connections.

Conference Room

50+ physical attendees & 10'000+ virtual conference infrastructure, multimedia & interactive digital setup.

Automatic Backup Switching on Landline & Mobile connections for high-volume Live Streaming.

Electric Vehicles
Charging Station

Fast charging unit connected to the on-site renewable energy sources (solar & wind).

Free bike parking !

Outdoor Advertising Space

High Quality, High Definition Outdoor LED Video Screens with 2.5 x 2 m dimensions.

High Quality Outdoor Mesh & Banner Places.

Indoor Air Station

Air Quality monitoring with HEPA air filtering & Plasma dust removal.

Connected to the outdoor air monitoring systems & weather station.

Research Center

Secure Applied Research & Development infrastructure, in partnership with National & Regional companies, universities and institutions. 

our Team

In-house team of researchers, analysts, programmers and multidisciplinary experts with experience in high-tech international projects.

our Partners

Partnerships with European Companies focused on Applied Research & Development, the Romanian Military Technical Academy and the Romanian Academy Research Institutes with access to a large pool of highly skilled researchers.

the Space

5 floors secure & high-tech building

500+ Square Meters of Research Infrastructure & Equipments

Why Romania?

Pilot Big-Data Infrastructure for High Performance Computational Projects.

Third largest CEE economy and the second most populated country.

Expected to be the fastest growing economy in the European Union, low inflation and stable currency.

& Services

- IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).
- Paas (Platform as a Service).
- SaaS (Software as a Service)
- AaaS (Applications as a Service)
- Hosted Managed Service


Optimised Air & Liquid cooling for Servers, Equipment & Building.

External Pool for All-Weather Cooling & Energy Storage.

E.V. charging station with solar & wind sources infrastructure.

You can become our partner !

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